SAT Exam Overview


SAT Exam Full Form

The full form for the SAT is
Scholastic Assessment Test was earlier known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test.

What is SAT Exam?

The SAT Exam is an entrance test for students who aspire to get enrolled for their undergraduate courses abroad, especially in the US and Canada colleges and universities.

Why SAT Exam?

SAT Exam is being opted among the many exams as an eligibility to study abroad in the US and Canadian universities because it grants many benefits. Based on the candidate’s score, they can apply for scholarships and gain different options for paying their college tuition fees. Also, with the SAT exam scores, certain job opportunities can be gained.

SAT Exam 2023 Highlights:

Exam Name
SAT Full Form
Scholastic Assessment Test
Official Website
Most popular for
Undergraduate courses in the US and Canada
Conducted By
The College Board
Mode of Exam
Written-based Examination
SAT Exam Fees
$101 (without the essay) and $117 (with the essay)
SAT Score Range
400 – 1600 points

Types of SAT Exam

There are two types of SAT exams. They are:

  • SAT Test (SAT1)
  • SAT Subject Test (SAT2)

SAT Test (SAT1):

SAT or SAT1 is a general test that evaluates the knowledge of the candidate’s English, Mathematics, Science, and Verbal skills of the test takers.

SAT Subject Test (SAT2):

Sat Subject Test or SAT2 is a test that is taken to prove the knowledge of a particular subject. The subjects in SAT Subject Test include Maths, Science, English, History, and Languages. SAT Subject Test is no more offered in the US, and only a few colleges still recommend or require the SAT Subject Test scores for international students. It is only available in May and June of this year.

SAT Exam Fees:

Like any competitive exams that are conducted, SAT exam in India also has mandatory registration fees.

TEST Details
Fees (in US $)
SAT Exam Fees
SAT with Essay Fees
SAT Late Registration Fees
Change in Registration
SAT Registration Fees
Each SAT Subject Test (Except Language tests with Listening)
$22 (additional per test)
Language Test with Listening
$26 (additional per test)

SAT Scholarship:

The College Board India Scholars Program was initiated in the year 2018-19 which focuses on Indian students who come from low-income families but still have a meritorious background. The SAT Scholarship provided for the Indian students offers 100% scholarships to those who have scored 1300 on their SATs and whose families’ income doesn’t meet a specific threshold. 

Additionally, students can apply for scholarships when applying for their admissions, and College Board has partnered with various Indian universities and has founded the Indian Global Alliance through which the candidates can obtain a chance at studying in top reputable international universities through SAT Scholarships.

SAT Exam Dates in India

The SAT Exams are held in many Educational Testing Service centres and schools across India and also publish the results of the SAT scores online in two weeks after the test has been taken. The universities accept only the official test result scores that are published by the College Board in their account. The students can send their test scores to at most four colleges/universities after their test results have been published as this is allowed with their test fee.

The SAT exam dates in India occur on the same day as the rest of the world outside of the US, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

SAT Exam Centres in India

In India, there are 80+ test centres with at least 80 available seats for the SAT exams for the upcoming tests that are mentioned in the College Board’s SAT Exam dates section for International students, who are outside of the US, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

Click on the link to check the closest SAT Exam centres to your location mentioned below:

SAT Exam in Registration

There are various things that are to be made note of and adhered to, to ensure a candidate can successfully register themselves for a SAT Exam and complete the process. They are:

  • Registration for the SAT Exam can be done by the candidates online, by mail, or by phone. 
  • The SAT exam Registrations are open throughout the year, but the candidates are required to book their upcoming SAT Entrance exam dates according to their convenience and the available slots in the respective testing centres. 
  • Due to the pandemic, the College Board or The SAT official website has advised the universities to extend their deadlines mainly due to the test centres being closed owing to the lockdowns and the various protocols of the State & Central government.
  • As for the change in the test date or in the case of late registration, the candidates will have to pay additional fees for the changes made. 
  • Also, the candidates who have missed the deadline for the date can apply for a waitlist. 
  • There are limited dates allocated for the SAT Exams, and so it is recommended that candidates should first find their selected college and if the SAT exams are needed or test-optional.


The main reason for the use of the SAT Exam is to evaluate the readiness of a high school student to measure if he/she is ready for college and at the same time, help the colleges with a neutral scale to evaluate all of the candidates evenly.