GRE Exam Results and Score


GRE Results & Scores 2023: Find Score Range, Score Validity, Total Score, Good & Average Score.

GRE Results and Scores

Candidates who wish to pursue post-graduate studies at institutions in other countries must submit their GRE results as part of the university admission procedure. In this essay, we will go through all of the major parts of the GRE exam and GRE score reporting. For those who are unaware, GRE results are accessible 10 to 15 days after the exam date.

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GRE Score

What is GRE Score?

GRE scores are an important component that graduate school admissions personnel evaluate; these scores are usually the determining factor at the screening stage of shortlisting schools.

On the GRE General Test, three scores are reported: A Verbal Reasoning score is presented in 1-point increments on a range of 130–170. A Quantitative Reasoning score is stated in 1-point increments on a range of 130–170. Analytical Writing scores are presented on a scale of 0–6, with half-point increments.

GRE Score (Section Wise)

We will learn how the various components of the GRE general exam are graded in this section.

GRE Verbal Reasoning Score & GRE Quantitative Reasoning Score

Both are graded depending on the number of right answers submitted by the test taker. This is the candidate's raw score, which informs him of the total number of questions properly answered. The raw GRE exam result would eventually be transformed to a scaled number known as Equating.

GRE Analytical Writing Score

For the Analytical Writing portion, each essay would be scored by one qualified rater and an ETS-developed e-rater. If both scores are identical, the average of the two scores is utilised as the final score. If the two ratings, one from the trained rater and one from the ETS-produced e-rater, are not equal, a third, human-trained rater is brought in, and the final result is the average of the two human scores.
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GRE Total Score

There is no such thing as a GRE Total Score when it comes to the GRE general test. Candidates would receive a scaled score for each portion as well as a percentage score for each section, which would characterise the test taker's score in comparison to other candidates who took the exam. Candidates should avoid using words like whole GRE score or highest GRE score. These do not apply to the GRE exam.

GRE Score Range

We will learn about the various components of the GRE general test and the GRE score range in this section. According to the chart below, the GRE Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections have a GRE Score Range of 130 to 170 with 1 point increments, whereas the GRE Analytical Writing Section has a GRE Score Range of 0 to 6 with half-point increments.

Section name

Score range

Increment point

GRE verbal reasoning

130 – 170

1 point

GRE Quantitative reasoning

130 – 170

1 point

Analytical Writing Assessment

0 -6

0.5 points

GRE Score Percentiles

Percentile scores are used to compare your results to the results of other test-takers in a certain comparison group. The percentile ratings here represent the percentage of test-takers who received a score lower than yours.

For example, if your score was reported to be in the 80th percentile, it would suggest that you outperformed 80 percent of all test takers worldwide.
GRE Score Percentiles

What is a Good GRE Score?

GRE scores are determined on a range of 260 to 340, with verbal and quantitative components scored out of 130 – 170. A number of candidates inquire as to what constitutes a good GRE score, however, the response cannot be particularly specific. A good GRE score is one that can assist an applicant gain admission to their selected colleges. Now, the GRE scores for various colleges vary.

What is the Average GRE Scores?

The average (mean) GRE score for the Verbal and Quantitative parts, according to ETS (creators of the GRE), is 150 and 153, respectively. The median (or 50th percentile) Verbal Reasoning score is 151 on a scale of 100, while the median Quantitative Reasoning score is 154 on a scale of 100.



Verbal Reasoning


Quantitative Reasoning


Analytical Writing


GRE Score Validity

Candidates are frequently perplexed regarding the legitimacy of their GRE results. Candidates should be aware that their GRE results are valid for "five years" after the date of their test.

How is GRE Score Calculated?

A raw score is the number of questions you most likely answered correctly on your GRE exam.

For example, if you properly answered all 40 questions, your raw score is likely to be 40. This raw number is then turned into a scaled value, which ranges from 130 to 170, using a technique known as equating.

An official GRE score report is divided into three sections: A Scaled Verbal Score (on a scale from 130 to 170, in one-point increments) A Scaled Quantitative Score (on a scale from 130 to 170, in one-point increments) A Grade for Analytical Writing (on a scale from 0 to 6, in half-point increments)

GRE Score Card

Your official GRE General Test results will be available in your ETS account 10–15 days from the date of your test. When they become available, ETS will notify you via email. On exam day, ETS will also transmit an official Institution Score Report to the score receivers you chose.

GRE Score Card Sample

GRE Score Card Sample

How Many Days to Get Gre Score Card?

Your official test results will be mailed to them 10–15 days following the exam date. See Sending Your Scores for further details. For a price, you may also transmit score reports to universities following the exam day.

How to Download Gre Score Card?

Your official GRE General Test results will be available in your ETS account 10–15 days from the date of your test. When they become available, ETS will notify you via email. On exam day, ETS will also transmit an official Institution Score Report to the score receivers you chose.

GRE Additional Score Report

Additional Score Reports (ASRs) can be ordered in three ways: online, via mail, or by fax. You can choose to transmit the GRE General Test and/or Subject Tests from your most recent, all, or any particular test administration. ASRs are available for a cost of US$27 per score receiver.

How to Report GRE Scores to Universities?

Candidates frequently inquire, "How do I transmit GRE scores?" You can transmit GRE test scores to the institutions of your choice by following the easy procedures outlined below:

  • To begin with, first, log into your ETS account.
  • Then On the My GRE Home page, you need to select "Send Additional Score Reports" under Scores.
  • You will see On-screen: Test Registration,
  • Finally, you can Send Additional Score Reports.
ETS sends GRE scores for free to up to four schools, with the option to pick the Most Recent (Send your scores from your current test administration) or All (Send your scores from all administrations in the previous five years).

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A flawless score will always be noticeable. My seniors had advised me that very few individuals get a perfect 340 on the GRE, a somewhat larger percentage fall in the range of 335-340, and the number continues to rise as the range decreases.