Duolingo English Test Preparation Tips

Lay the groundwork for your Duolingo Test


How To Prepare For Duolingo English Test?

The Duolingo test is not too difficult, and you will find it easier to attend, especially compared to similar tests. The only problem you face is that there is no syllabus for Duolingo. But, there is no need to worry as you will get some preparation tips and tricks to adopt the Duolingo test preparation can be done from within your home itself. You can even consult the official website to learn about Duoling English test preparation. You can read further to learn about test preparation in detail.

The Duolingo English Test is one hour long and comprises Adaptive Test and Video Interview. The former takes a long time, and the latter takes only around 10 minutes to be completed. It is good to focus on and prepare for the Adaptive Test more. 

If you want to take the test and prepare, you can read further and get some information and tips on test preparation. These will help you have an overall idea of the test. You can even implement these tests while preparing.

Duolingo English Test Preparation Tips

You need not be afraid of the Duolingo test. It is not difficult; you can easily pass it if you plan and prepare the right way. A few preparation tips are given below.

  • Read articles and other similar resources to help you better your English language skills. Things will get easier if you grab the method of understanding the language.
  • You can improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills by practising independently.
  • You can converse with others in English, which can help you gain confidence and speak error-free.
  • If you listen to films and videos of some kind, you will understand English better, which can, in turn, help you gain better scores in the listening part.
  • You will come across several test preparation tools over the internet. These will help you practice and learn on your own.
  • You can take the practice test offered by Duolingo over their official website for further help.
  • You can learn more about current happenings, climate changes, news etc.
  • You can go through the video tutorials on YouTube and other similar platforms to get familiarised with the test.
  • You can practice writing essays and other long-form content to make it easier for you during the test.
  • You will come across several sample questions in pdf formats as well.

How To Start Your Duolingo Test Preparation?

If you want to take the Duolingo test, it is better to know the test pattern, score pattern, etc., before attending it. A few things you need to know are listed below. You can have a look at them.

  • You should know about the test pattern in detail before attending it. You can watch the video tutorial available on the Duolingo website for the same.
  • If you go to the “Test Readiness” page, you will see the Duolingo English Practice test papers, which help you understand the questions' difficulty level.
  • The Duolingo blog section has several helpful resources which help you improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. It is a good idea to go through them.
  • The website also has free practice test sessions. This will help you get an idea of the questions you can expect.

Duolingo Test Pattern 2023

The DET is an internet-based test, and you can take it easily from home. There are two patterns of the test, which are described below:

  • The English Adaptive Test: This is the first segment of the test. It evaluates your reading, writing, speaking and listening capabilities in English. The scores will be provided differently on the screen. There will be no repeated questions, and you will find questions that test all your skills.
  • Duolingo Video Interview Test: This is the second segment of the test, which lasts around 10 minutes. You will be asked open-ended questions and will have to record the answers. 

Duolingo Test Advice

The day before your test, you should get everything ready for the test, like a valid government ID that you need to upload. You should also finalise the room from where you attend the test. It is also advisable to check the desktop/laptop is in good condition. As the test can be taken anytime at your convenience, you should choose the date beforehand.

On the day of the test, you need to have one hour free from all forms of interruptions. It is better to go through the test guidelines one final time. Also, you cannot use headphones/earphones during the test. If you attend the practice test once, you will get an idea of the test. While attending the test, ensure you do not look away from the screen. You should keep a watch on time and ensure that you attend all the questions.

After completing the test, you will get a notification once the result is out. Even then, it is advisable to check the website regularly. After you get the result, you can start sending them to whichever universities you need.

How To Prepare For Duolingo Writing Section?

As you know, Duolingo has a writing section which assesses how well you can write in English. It is better to have a good vocabulary to ace this part. A few ideas on improving your writing skills are given below.

  • Avoid complex sentences: When you write an essay, it is essential to note that you need not come up with uncommon words or technical jargon. You can write in a simple and easy-to-understand form.
  • Write what comes to your mind: You need not think too deeply about what you are writing; just whatever comes to your mind. You should always stick within the time limit, which is very important.
  • Keep watch on errors: It is vital to avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes. It will create a black mark on your writing. Thus, it is advisable always to be cautious while you write. You can read and reread what you wrote.

Sample Writing Question

Fill in the blanks and complete the text.

This would move the starting date back three years to 8 BC and from the lunar synchronism back to 26 January(Julian). But si___ the cores ____ Roman Da ___ in t_____inscription i____ 24th January. Th____ must b__ according t__ the inco____ calendar wh___ in 9 BC August has ord_____ to b__ corrected b_ the omis____ of le__ days. As the authors of the previous paper point out, with the correct four-year cycle being used in Egypt and the three-year cycle abolished in Rome, it is unlikely that Agustus would have ordered the three-year cycle to be reduced in Asia.

How To Prepare For Duolingo Listening Section?

The listening section is what most students find difficult to understand. However, there is nothing to worry about. A few tips to help you are given below.

  • Listen to videos: The best way to master listening skills is to hear English as much as possible. You can listen to whatever you are interested in, be it videos, movies, news etc.
  • Practice more: You can practice with the help of sources available on several websites, including Duolingo's official website. These will help you better.

Sample Listening Question

‘Listen and Type’ Question

A. Is she reading a book? Yes, she is.
B. Does she work in this city?
C. My friend wrote another book.

How To Prepare For Duolingo Speaking Section?

Those with an average idea of language use can easily pass this section. A few tips to help you are given below

  • Speak in English: The best way to get a good score in this session is to practice speaking in English. Thus, you may not have to struggle to find words while speaking. 
  • Attend tests: You will come across plenty of tests that will give you sample questions that you can expect in Duolingo. They will help you further to gain a good score.

Sample Speaking Question

Describe anything you purchased that was first difficult to utilise.

  • What exactly is it?
  • When did you buy it?
  • What exactly does it do?

How To Prepare For Duolingo Reading Section?


The reading section is one of the easiest of the four sections. A few tips to help you are given below

  • Test your literacy skills: The reading section basically tests your literacy skills. It checks how good you are in English. Your ability to read right is tested here. It will be easier for you if you are familiar with the language.
  • Do it on your own: If you are a good reader, you will find this section easier. The comprehension question checks how well you know English. Thus, it is good to be familiar with a handful of not-so-common words in English. The best way is to read as much as you can.

Sample Reading Question

Record yourself reading the statement below.

My friends said they would wait for me at the airport.

Preparation Strategies For Adaptive Test

The adaptive test contains questions that test all your language skills. A few preparation strategies to help you are given below

  • Read the passage first: In the comprehension section, it is better to read the passage entirely first and then proceed to fill in the blanks and answer the questions. 
  • Read before you select: In the Read and Select section, you just need to trust yourself and choose the answers. This section contains options that look similar, and you can be confused. 
  • Listen before you select: If you have to get the correct answer, you must listen to the words carefully and understand the syllables. This will help you pick the correct answer.
  • Type after you listen: In this section, you can first type whatever you have heard and then make the right changes. You should listen carefully first.
  • Read more: You can go through all the articles and blogs that come your way and look for punctuation in all sentences.
  • Write about the photo: When you write about the photo, you should not stick to a limited number of words. You can write more but should always watch out for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Speak about the photo: In this section, you will be given 20 seconds to prepare what you have to speak. It is always advisable to never stop or pause in-between. Just continue whatever comes to your mind.
  • Read and write: In the writing section, you can write however much you want. You just have to make sure it is error-free.
  • Read and speak: In this section, you can speak everything that comes to your mind. Make sure to speak without a pause, break or hesitation.
  • Listen and speak: This is similar to the previous section in that you must speak without pause or hesitation. At the same time, you have to listen carefully first.

Preparation Strategies For Video Interview

This section assesses your ability to write and speak in English and is a shorter section. The following tips will help you clear this section.

  • You will be given a couple of topics, and you can choose one among them to speak on. You have to speak for one to three minutes. The examiner tests your fluency, speed, confidence etc. Therefore, it is better to practice well.
  • You will be given a few minutes more to speak if you want.
  • It is advisable not to focus on the timer as it can distract you, and you may even be less efficient.

How To Create A Study Plan For Duolingo?

You will need a good study plan if you have to crack the Duolingo test. A good one is given below for your reference.

  • Create a target score: The score asked by universities differ from one another, and it is always good to have a target score set in your mind. This will help you have an aim.
  • Set a study duration: You can set the number of hours/minutes you can spend on your test preparation by yourself. This will help you have a disciplined way of learning. 
  • Take the practice test: The practice test available on Duolingo’s official website will help you understand the type of questions you can expect.
  • Make a balanced study schedule: When preparing for the test, you should focus on all the sections equally. It is essential to maintain this balance to get a good score.
  • Be competent: It is always good to have a study partner. You can have a healthy competition with them, which helps you improve your score.
How To Create A Study Plan For Duolingo?

How To Set Realistic Goals For Duolingo?

You must plan and study well to get a good Duolingo test score. It is good to set a goal and act accordingly. You can follow the S.M.A.R.T. goal described below.

  • Specific: You should make your objective clear. You have to know what you want so that you can act accordingly.
  • Measurable: it is good to set quantifiable goals always. You should make it a rule that you will learn a specific number of topics daily.
  • Attainable: You should never set unattainable goals. It should be set in such a way that you know what your capabilities are.
  • Realistic: It is always advisable to set realistic goals. Your eagerness to learn should never make you put an unrealistic plan.
  • Timely: It is always essential to have a hold on time. You should decide the day you should start your preparation and set days within which each topic should be covered.
How To Set Realistic Goals For Duolingo?

Duolingo Preparation Books

You will find a couple of helpful books for your Duolingo test preparation. One of the best books is mentioned below.

  • The Duolingo English Test Book: This book authored by Ashok Kumar helps you get an idea of the test pattern. The book is available on all the leading e-commerce websites, and it can cost around INR 700. From the book, you will get help on
    • Test preparation tips.
    • Practice papers.
    • Sample questions for the writing section.
    • Suggestions to improve vocabulary.

Preparation For Duolingo Syllabus

Duolingo has no particular syllabus. It just checks your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. You just have to practice it more. For instance:

  • Read magazines and newspapers that are written in standardised English.
  • Watch English movies or videos without subtitles.
  • Try talking with native English speakers.
  • Practice with the help of several free sources available on the internet.

FAQs About the Duolingo Exam Preparation

There is no limit to the number of times you can take the Duolingo test. However, within 30 days, you can attend the test only twice.